An excellent location!

Karlsruhe - the former capital of Baden. The fan-shaped layout of the streets scores highly not just from an architectural point of view. Karlsruhe is also known as the "green city". Parks with towering trees and manicured gardens dominate the urban landscape. Fancy just a stroll through the park? A visit to the ZKM? Or a trip to the zoological city gardens ? Or would you prefer to just cross the Rhine to France?

The hostel is on the northwestern edge of the town centre, between Karlsruhe Palace, the College of Engineering and the College of Education, a 10-minute walk from the town centre.


  • Hallen-/Freibäder und Spaßbad "Europabad"
  • Fußballfeld
  • Verschiedene Outdoor-Klettergärten
  • Indoor-Kletterhalle

Wandern - Natur pur

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